Herbeleef de UBA Trends Day Goes Virtual van 17 september en nog zoveel meer


  1. 29:50

    Trends in Strategy. Thriving in the Urban Galaxy

  2. 41:02

    Consumer Trends. Consumer Expectations for 2020 and Beyond

  3. 29:09

    Trends in Technology. Marketing in the Age of Emerging Tech.

  4. 23:03

    Trends in Marketing. Slow is the New Fast

  5. 24:56

    Trends in Retail. How China drives Global Retail

  6. 33:15

    Trends in Branding. How Sustainable is Sustainability for Brands?

  7. 17:59

    Studio conversation Pascal & Joeri

  8. 17:30

    Trends in Agency Relation. Rethinking the Agency Model

  9. 25:13

    Trends in Soft Skills. A Monk's guide to Happiness

Media Date

  1. 23:06

    Trends in Media. The Storm is Now the Weather

  2. 8:30

    Digital Ad Trust Belgium next steps

  3. 15:10

    Personalized Advertising: Why the used data should benefit your audience, not just your brand

  4. 23:21

    Trends in Addressable. Understanding the Reality of Addressable TV in Europe

Esports & Technology

  1. 28:20

    Trends in Gaming. How Brands can score with eSports?

  2. 35:58

    Q&A in Virtual Reality

Q&A & Workshops

  1. 1:25:45

    Interactive Workshop: From Trends to Innovation

  2. 1:09:50

    Q&A: Meet Dr. Kjell A. Nordström & Ann Handley

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